Question What are the best plants for Greenwalls?
AnswerFor indoor Greenwalls, we recommend common indoor house plants. External Greenwalls can grow a variety of species depending on your aspect, speak to your local garden centre for more information on species specific to your area.
Question Can I plant edible plants / herbs in my Greenwall?
AnswerPlants with a shallow root structures are better suited to our Green4Air Pods.

Herbs like Thai Basil, Thyme, Vietnamese Mint, Basil, Chives, Oregano and Thyme can all be grown in a Greenwall as long as they are well watered.

Question What type of compost and/or potting mixture would you recommend for Greenwall plants?
AnswerThe compost selected for each plant depends on the individual plant species.

We recommend a good high-end quality potting mix which maintains a good balance between holding moisture and draining well. Soil is not always suitable to use in PODS as soil texture can vary greatly. Generally, a potting mix based on recycled organic materials is ideal for Greenwall PODS. Best to check with your nursery based on the plants you select for your Greenwall. Each of our PODs holds 700cc of compost and 50ml of water.

Question What size plant should I plant in the Green4Air Greenwall POD?
AnswerOur PODS are suitable for 100-140mm Plants.
Question How many PODS do I need for my Greenwall?
Answer44 PODS per square metre.

Use our POD CALCULATOR to guide you on the quantity you require

2 Green4Air Pods are designed to hang on 1 Green4Air Plate

Question What are the dimensions of the Greenwall PODS?
AnswerThe PODS are 140mm wide x 200mm high.

Allow a depth of 150mm from the POD hook to the front, allowing for plant foliage to hang over.

Each POD holds 700cc of compost and 50ml of water, separated by a water absorbent membrane.

Question What are the dimensions of the Green4Air Greenwall BACK PLATES?
AnswerOur Green4Air Greenwall PLATES are 300mm wide x 200mm High x 12mm thick.

The plates can be easily snapped in half should you need to re-size to achieve your end design. 2 Green4Air Pods are designed to hang on 1 Green4Air Plate

Green4Air Plates have been designed to make Greenwalls easy to install for DIY users. From a commercial perspective, their strength lies in their ability to create non-linear lines. As they require more fixings that most other substructures, our Green4Air Plates are more suitable to being attached to non-masonry surfaces such as timber, and blue-board.

Question What depth should I allow for my Greenwall?
AnswerAllow a depth of 150mm from your Greenwall backing substructure to the front of the POD hook. This includes some space for the plant foliage to hang over.
Question What are the Greenwall Solutions components made of?
AnswerOur Green4Air Pods are manufactured from 100% plastic. They are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
Question What is the weight load of a Greenwall?
AnswerAllow 44KG PSM for your Green4Air Greenwall Solution. This includes our Green4Air Pods and the plants when wet. We recommend you consult with an engineer if you are unsure if your wall can hold this weight load
Question What surface can I affix my Greenwall to?
AnswerMost surfaces; Masonry, Concrete, Double Brick, Internal Stud Walls, Timber Cladding.
Question How often do I need to maintain my Greenwall?
AnswerFor internal Greenwalls we recommend a monthly maintenance to check the irrigation controller, remove any dead or dying leaves and general pruning. For external Greenwalls, your maintenance schedule would be dependent on the plant selection.