Starting from a hose pipe garden tap, attach a battery-controlled timer (HRTI16 or HRTI20).  This then connects to a 16mm vertical main water riser pipe (HRTI11) by using a 16mm to ¾ inch adaptor (HRTI17).  This pipe is cable tied up the full vertical left- or right-hand side of the installation and the open ended 16mm pipe at the top is then blanked off (HRTI15).  If required to suit the installation 16mm straights (HRTI12), elbows (HRTI14) and tee connectors (HRTI13) are available.

A 6mm diameter micro drip feed pipe with 150mm centre drip holes (HRTI1) is installed across the top row of the Green4air Greenwall pods (our pods are designed to work on 150mm centres).  This 6mm micro pipe is connected to the 16mm riser pipe by using a 6mm barb connector (HRTI3).  This is achieved by puncturing a hole on the 16mm riser pipe in the correct location using an irrigation pipe hole punch (HRTI7 or HRTI9).  These then basically just push together.  The open ends of the micro pipe are then blanked off using a blank end (HRTI2). If required, 6mm straight couplers (HRTI21), elbows (HRTI8) and tee connectors (HRTI18) are available.  (If you have a situation where you have to cross an area where no irrigation drip is required a 6mm solid tube with no irrigation holes can be used (HRTI10).)

The micro drip pipe is then installed by the same means as above to every second row of pods starting from the top row until the entire installation is irrigated.  A pipe cutter may be required to cut the pipe (HRTI19).