Rain Bird Micro Dripline


  • Rain Bird Micro Dripline
  • 6mm x 15cm x 3.0IH Brown
  • 30m Coil non PC
  • Rain Bird 6mm dripline is the newest evolution in dripline offered by one of the leading brands in the irrigation industry.
  • It is now the most flexible and kink-resistant option in the open market.
  • Ideal for irrigating pots, planters, and container gardens.
  • The Rain Bird 6mm dripline has specifically been designed with outstanding flexibility and is ideal for irrigating narrow and tight planting areas without the need for additional barbed fittings.
  • Brown coloured tubing makes it practically invisible under mulch or on the ground.
  • Patented pressure compensating dripper assures even distribution.
  • This dripline has an unmatched clog-resistance through built-in filtration and two outlet holes.
  • Dual layer construction for unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae and UV damage.


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